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Online Business Idea. 

1.       Affiliate Marketing – Okay, this is not a new one. People all over the Web talk about the potential profitability of affiliate marketing. Hands down, becoming an affiliate marketer is one of the best and easiest ways to launch an online business. But here is what I would encourage you to consider if you want to operate in your sweet spot. First, don’t become an affiliate marketer if you hate selling. If you are an affiliate marketer, you’re a sales person and you better be good at it, which means you better like it. Second, market products and services that are linked to your passions. If you try to market products simply because they are popular, you won’t make the cut.
2.       Virtual Assistant – If you’re thinking there are too many VA’s out there to compete with think again. This is where the power of serving a clearly identified target market can give you a competitive advantage. For example, do you love working with creative types? Let’s say you’re an avid fiction reader and love fiction authors. Why not launch an online VA service for fiction writers?
3.       Niche Copywriting Services – Yes there are copywriters galore on the Web, but if you are passionate about all things baby and you have some kick-a$$ writing skills, why not become a copywriter for companies who sell all things baby-related?
4.       Niche Ghostwriting Services – Do you have a knack for a particular style of writing? Would you love to write in that style alone? Let’s say you’re an amazing persuasive writer (btw, if this is true be ready to be overwhelmed with work!). Offer a persuasive ghostwriting service for those who need help being a little more convincing.
5.       Graphic Design – Again the power of niches works in your favor. It seems there has been an explosion of “graphic designers” on the Web. So if you plan to succeed in this area online, serving a specific target audience is going to be your best friend. Now suppose you are obsessed with fashion and you have incredible graphic design skill. Why not try your hand at launching an online graphic design firm that specializes in graphic design for fashion designers?
6.      Web Design – Same concept as above but apply it to Web design.
7.      Online Beading Store – Do you love beading? Are you a beading wizard? Wouldn’t it be so cool to launch an online business that not only sold the coolest beads on the Web, but also offered video tutorials on beading methods and techniques? I think so, and I think I hear a cash register chiming!
8.       Online Custom Jewelry Store – When I was in college I was really into making jewelry, and I must confess I made some pretty incredible pieces. In fact, they became so popular amongst my friends that I started getting requests for custom designs. If only I knew then what I know now, and if only Etsy had existed! If you have a talent and passion for jewelry making this could be the online business for you.
9.       Vintage Clothing Store – Maybe you just have a passion for shopping? Girl, put that nose for clothes to good use. Raid your local Goodwill or Salvation Army for true vintage goods and turn around and sell them online. You can build your own store, or use an auction sites like eBay or Yahoo stores. Basically you’d be getting paid to shop, and if you’re a shopper that might be called heaven!
10.   Internet Research Firm – The Internet is amazing, but it can also lead to information overload. Countless hours can be wasted searching for quality information online. But for some people, internet research is a necessity. If you’re an info seeker by nature, and you know your way around the net, consider starting an online business that conducts internet based research for others.
11.   eBay Reseller – This is also a common online business opportunity, but if you apply the concept of serving a highly targeted audience to this online business model, you can become a major player in this big game.
12.   Direct Sales Online – Despite what you might believe about multi-level marketing, the potential for generating a substantial income from direct sales is really, really high. Now combine the power of direct selling with the Internet, and you have a kick-a$$ online business. I know, because I do it. I’m a huge fan of P90x and 10 Minute Trainer by Tony Horton, and as an Independent Team Beachbody Coach I get to help others get physically and financially fit. What’s more, I have an even broader reach because I use the Internet. However, the key to success in this area is the same as in affiliate marketing. You must use and love the product you sell. Beachbody fitness products have transformed my physique and fitness level in ways that I never thought I could achieve, so sharing this product and opportunity with others is something I simply can’t help but do. P.S. Those are my affiliate links – you sign up or buy something and I get a cut. If you want to learn more about how you can do this too, e-mail me!
13.   Transcription Service – Pick a niche and transcribe away!
14.   E-mail Marketing Consultant – E-mail marketing is an ever-increasing marketing component for business today. Unfortunately, most businesses get it all wrong. If creating content is a snap for you, and you have a particular industry that you would love to serve, build an online business around e-mail marketing campaign creation.
15.   Business Consulting – Every day new business coaches enter the market online, and you could do the same. But, set yourself apart by serving a target market that you understand well and truly care about.
16.   Life Coaching – Life can be complicated and sometimes we just need a little correction or encouragement. If this something that appeals to you, consider launching an online business that tackles just one area of life’s most common difficulties. For example, if you’re a natural born cupid, you could be a dating coach. Or if you know how to get things done, you could be an efficiency coach to help others stop procrastinating.
17.   Online Video Editing Service- Sure, people can edit videos at home with their run-of-the-mill software, but it will look that way. Maybe you have a passion for videography? Maybe telling stories through pictures comes naturally? If that is the case, maybe this is the online business idea for you!
18.   Health Food and Vitamin Shop – Are you a health nut? Consider writing and reviewing products, and then resell them online.
19.   Online Cosmetics Store – If you love makeup and can change a face with your makeup application skills, why not make the world a little more beautiful by sharing your skills online? Selling your own makeup these days is a cinch with private label companies, and you can use video demonstrations or photos to provide instruction. What are you waiting for?!
20.   Online Flip Flop Shop – The idea here is to create a specialty store online. Is there something you just love, love, love and that you would love to sell? Create an online store based on a variety of one type of product and watch your sales soar.
21.   College Entrance Essay Writer – If you don’t have any ethical reservations to writing college entrance essays for others, you’ll find plenty of buyers! High school students struggle terribly to come up with compelling essays when applying to college. And for some, their college essay can be a decision maker. If you love writing, and love people’s personal stories this could be a successful online business in the making!
22.   Small Business Market Researcher – Every small business needs market research, and most of them rarely make the time for it. Solve their problem and meet their need by using your research skills to build their business.
23.   Custom Software Development Firm – These days custom software is all the rage. In fact, even if you don’t know a thing about software development, you can find developers online who will create programs for you for a very low fee. Have a great software idea for an industry in need? Do you research, find a developer, and start selling your software online now!
24.   Online Baking School – Do all your friends call you Betty? If you can bake a mean cake and show others how, why not make a little income too with an online baking school?!
25.   Remote Computer Repair – If you’re super tech savvy then you already know how remote computer access is changing the way people conduct computer repairs. So, if you’re a techy at heart and handle the technical nightmares that sneak up on novice PC users with ease, consider launching an online PC repair business. You can work out of your home in Boone, NC while helping a little old lady in Nantucket!
26.   Online Marketing Consulting for Green Business – As eco-friendly businesses continue to sprout up they will need people who understand their business to help them with their marketing. If you have a passion for the environment and marketing is your bag – baby you’ve got an online business!
27.   Social Media for Non-Profits – Set yourself apart from the over-saturated social media experts by serving a niche that thrives off human connections and donations – serve non-profits.
28.   Business Coaching for Social Entrepreneurs – Sometimes social entrepreneurs get so caught up in serving the greater good that the forget to run their business like a business. If you’ve got business skills and desire to help others change the world, this may be a sign of great online business karma!
29.   Online Poker Coaching Program – There are a large number of poker pros on the Web today, but what if you can offer something unique? What if you can teach an uncommon strategy? What if you could teach an uncommon group of people? If you love online poker, and you’re good at, you might be able to monetize your skills.
30.   Personal Finance Coaching Online – Again differentiation is the key to success in this area. Who can you serve with your knowledge and skills that isn’t being served well online? Maybe one-on-one personal finance coaching for college students is a place to start?
31.   Private Label Reseller of Digital ProductsThis is similar to affiliate marketing except that you get to apply your own brand and marketing collateral to the product. If you are not big on creating your own content this is a great alternative to launching a content-based online business.
32.   Custom Baby Clothes Online – Hand-sewn, personally crafted baby clothes pull on the heart-strings of moms across the Web. With help from sites like Amazon marketplace and Etsy, you can have your online biz up and running in no time.
33.   Proofreading Services – I don’t know about you, but I am the worst at catching my own errors (which you may have noticed already). If you are someone who has a creepy knack for perfect grammar, an online proofreading service might be the perfect fit for you.
34.    Resume Writing Services – Are you a person who always sees the best in people? Can you immediately spot what a person brings to the table? If so, you may consider launching a resume writing service. For some, writing a resume is a nearly impossible feat because they can’t figure out how to articulate their professional assets. If you love people, and can brag about them with ease, you could be hovering near your sweet spot.
35.   Custom Pet Clothing & Accessories – This is not a joke. I used to live in LA, and dressing your little tote bag dog in a matching outfit wasn’t an uncommon occurrence! If hand crafts and pets are close to your heart, you could be barking up the right online business here.
36.   Girls-Only Gamers Club – I know there are plenty of girl “gamers” out there, but they certainly seem under-served. Why not create a membership site serving the needs of the female gamer where you can share super secret tips that you won’t tell the boys! ;)
37.   Eco-Friendly Wedding Favors – I’m getting married this Sunday (Whoo Hoo!), and I think I deserve an award for having the most eco-friendly, no-frills, low-cost wedding ever. That aside, if you love all things weddings and want to save the planet while you’re at it, launch an online eco-friendly wedding favor e-store!
38.   Collectors Items Specialty E-store – Are you a collector of angels, dolls, Star Wars paraphernalia, pirates, coins, or gnomes? Build an entire e-store and membership site around your heart’s desire and “work” while you “collect.”
39.   Parenting Coaching Club – If you’re a super mom (or nanny); why not take those skills to the Web? Parenting isn’t easy and thousands of people are looking for professional help and support every day.
40.   Marriage Coaching – With nearly 50% of marriages ending in divorce, clearly there is a need in this area. Marriage takes a lot of work, and if you’ve got strategies and actions people can take to make their marriages last, you better believe people will pay you to help them. If your passionate about marriage and family is your thing, this could be the online business you’ve been dreaming of.
41.   Online Survey Company – Surveys are of great value to business in every industry, but again most businesses fail to take the time to create and conduct surveys. If you’re inquisitive by nature and understand how to ask good questions this could be a no-brainer for you.
42.   Presentation Creator – There is nothing worse than having to sit through a horrific PowerPoint presentation. Although many speakers and lecturers have wonderful content, they don’t always know how to translate that into a stellar visual presentation. If visual arts are your strong suit and you can manipulate PowerPoint with ease, consider launching an online presentation creation service.
43.   Online Interior Decorator – Some folks just can’t put colors together. Fabrics boggle their minds. And, creating a zen living room is other worldly to them. But for you, interior decorating is a cake walk. What if you could create sample interior designs and sell them online for an affordable fee? Bring your would-be high-priced design talent into homes across the world – sounds like a plan to me!
44.   Online Specialty Candy Store – Who doesn’t love candy? And what about exotic candy? If you have a sweet tooth this dream job could be at the tip of your tongue!
45.   Local Travel Guide for International Travelers – Now here is a twist on the online business concept. Do you live in an exotic and fascinating city or country? Why not turn your own backyard into a tourist destination hosted by none other than yourself?! Become a personal tour-guide to those traveling to your destination and market your services and your city or country online.
46.   Custom Gifts – If you are a creative type with major arts and crafts skills, custom gift making could be a great fit for your online business. People could simply send you a request or concept for their gift and you could create it in exchange for a fee.
47.   Custom Children’s Book Writer – When you were a kid wouldn’t it have been cool to have a book where you are the main character? Just think about the positive influence a book like that could have on the mind of a child where they see themselves as special, as an achiever, and as a gift to the world. If you’ve got creative writing talent and you love children this could be a business idea you can take all the way to the bank!
48.    Online Knitting Club & Classes – Knitting is way cooler and way more popular than anyone would like to admit  and you could prove it by starting a membership site built around all things crochet and cross-stitching.
49.   Creating Digital Scrapbooks & Photo albums – Yeah people can do this a home on their PC, but can they do it with your flair for design and photography! Helping people capture the essence of memories, and enabling them to share those memories with ease is priceless for many people. That alone indicates that you could make a pretty penny sharing your added expertise.
50.   Accountability Coach – If you are a person who loves to keep people in check, consider becoming a professional pain in the butt. Just kidding! Serving as an accountability coach to people who need extra encouragement and follow up to see things through can prove highly-rewarding. Building a business around helping others is always a win-win.
51.   Tech Support for Marketplace E-stores – Maybe you’re an eBay pro or you run your niche in the Amazon marketplace. Have you ever thought about helping other people set up their marketplace businesses? For some, the technical stress and learning curve is the only thing keeping them out of business. Use your expertise in this area to build an online business of your own by help other get established on marketplace sites!

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